Mac or Windows? best for Flash, salary, demand?

Hello Geeks,

Which job has more demand and offer better salary.

Web development 
1. (Flash (ActionScript), AIR, Flex, JavaScript, mySQL)  Adobe stuffs..
2. (Php,ASP, mySQL, stuffs..) OSS, MS stuffs ..
3. (Ruby on Rails, OSS.. etc) others

Along with
Developing for Mac
a. Cocoa, Objective-c, iphone, stuffs...

or Along with 
Developing for windows
a. Visual Studio stuffs (visual C++, C#, Silverlight, XNA, stuffs)

I think web development jobs are differnet from application developement or will both go hand -on hand?

Which of the above (web development with mac or windows stuff) is more fun, productive, satisfactory, and promises more salary?

Among web development which development tools have the most demean and salary?

Which platform will be more productive?
Mac or Win?

(Please don’t give opinions just because you are an apple or windows fan. I need logical and reasonable, realistic answers).

I don’t get correct results searching…

Thank You.