MacBook Pro + iPad Pro or Surface Pro 6?


I want one device that I can do everything on.
I want to program on the iPad Pro but I know iOS is very limited.

I enjoy the experience of the Apple products. I’m not sure about the Microsoft Surface Pro. Is it buggy? Will it last as the Apple products?

I use a tablet a lot and only use the laptop for coding. I figured if I had a Surface Pro, I could do everything in one device.

Kirupa uses a MacBook Pro while he worked for Microsoft.


You say you use a tablet a lot and also use a laptop for coding, and want a device that fits both roles. Let’s look at the choice you gave:

  • MacBook Pro
    • Laptop: yes, has desktop software
    • Tablet: no
  • iPad Pro
    • Laptop: kind of with keyboard, no mouse, no desktop software
    • Tablet: yes, best tablet software available
  • Surface Pro
    • Laptop: kind of with keyboard and mouse, has desktop software
    • Tablet: yes, mostly crap tablet software but many desktop programs are still usable

As a tablet the iPad is hard to beat for its selection of software but, in my view, the lack of mouse and desktop software immediately rules it out for coding. I haven’t owned a Mac since 1999, so I can’t compare them with Windows laptops, but it would surely be great for coding and can really do anything a tablet can do (just not as comfortably). For me, the fact that it doesn’t have a touch screen and can’t be used as a tablet is a deal breaker. The Surface Pro has full desktop software and a mouse and keyboard and so functions great as a laptop (though they don’t seem ideal for actually using in one’s lap, if that matters to you). It also has a touch screen and can be used as a tablet, and Windows 10 seems no more buggy to me than any of the iOS devices I have. This seems like the best option for you out of the choices you gave. However, the selection of software specifically designed for use on a tablet is extremely limited compared to the iPad. You may want to think about what tablet software you use now or want to use in the future and whether it’s available on Windows. For stuff like browsing the web or reading and editing documents, the Surface will be great. There are some good apps available as well and desktop software that works fine even when just using the touchscreen.

All that said, I personally still like the traditional laptop form factor but I also like using tablets for browsing and reading. If you’re like me, you might consider:

  • 2-in-1 convertible device (Windows)
    • Laptop: yes, has desktop software
    • Tablet: yes, mostly crap tablet software but many desktop programs are still usable

I have a Surface Book, and I like it a lot. It is a laptop (check) with a detachable screen for use as a tablet as well (check). The big downside is that they are expensive. I spend money as fast as humanly possible, so it didn’t take much to convince me to buy one. However, if you are more financially responsible (ie smarter) than me, you could look at some 2-in-1 devices from other manufactures.


Awesome answer! Thank you for taking your time to write a reply! I went to a store and tried it. The device is Amazing! I loved it. Pluss I can code easily on it :smiley:


You tried the Surface Pro?


Yes and I bought a Surface Pro 6 :smiley:


Oh cool, congrats!


I hope Microsoft gives me some kind of referral bonus :run_in_fear:


You will get their eternal gratitude.

@Millad - what are your impressions so far?


I would love to help and referral you!

@Kirupa: It feels very snappy and smooth. Touch is really good. I noticed that Windows allow you to stream 4K youtube but iOS does not! The pen feels more real than the Apple Pencil. The Apple Pencil feels like you are writing on glass but the MS Pen has a better feeling personally. I have to upgrade to windows pro on this to get hyper-v for Docker. It is amazing you can install ubuntu and bash! It has everything I need for a 2-in-1. The apps I use on a tablet is twitter, youtube, email and surfing. Now I can code too. This is perfect.


The only downside is they have not released a version with a Sim (4G,5G).