Macromedia Flash 8 Bugs and Emerging Issues

No application is bug free on first release, especially one as large scale as Flash. There are bound to be issues in both the Flash IDE as well as the Flash player. If you find one, let us know. A list will be kept here to keep everyone aware of known issues and hopefully workarounds can be found to deal with them until Macromedia corrects them. Remember, for any problem you encounter, let Macromedia know so that they may be aware of it and hopefully find a solution.
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Please post bugs regarding full release (not Beta) software. It is helpful if you can repeat the steps used to reproduce this bug and what system you were using when it happened (OS, preferable hardware setup)

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I had a problem similar to this, but making sure the text and the mask were aligned to pixels solved it.

I had a similar problem to this. I fixed it by making sure the text and masks were both aligned to pixels (ie not at a coordinate like (0.4,100.7).

I have a Flash 8 application that runs fine on Win XP, and a G4 Mac but not on Intel-Macs. Its a bit hard for me to test, because I don’t have an Intel-Mac, but I’ve seen the screen shots from the customer who does. He has applied the latest updates to his machine.

One problem is that bitmapped dynamic text comes out anti-aliased, and blue! Compiling for v7 and embedding the font fixed it.

Even weirder, and more annoying:

I have a routine that loads a jpg into a mc, then fades it in by raising the alpha up to 100. This works fine, except on the intel mac where the picture takes longer to load, but then just pops into view without the fade. The code looks like it works to me, and it DOES work on every other machine tested except the Intel-Mac. I’ve seen this _alpha bug reported elsewhere (Ward Ruth’s comment here:

Has anyone noticed movies saved for player 6 not working in player 8 or having security issues?

when i create a projector and save it in a folder with greek fonts it can’t see
external files. Do you have any solution for this problem?

I have an SWF that I created with flash8.
It was originally in flash MX, so when I published it I used the actionscript 1.0 option.

I used On2 to create a flash video in flash8 swf format convered from an AVI.

That flash video plays with sound.

When I use loadmovie to load it into the main flash movie described above it plays without sound.

Any ideas?

I am using flash8 actionscript 2.0

I use loadmovie to play an swf video in the main movie.

When I load it from the same directory it plays with sound.
When I use loadmovie to load it from a web url ( [U][COLOR=#0000ff]http://.)[/COLOR][/U]/) it plays but without sound.

I tried it with both Flash8 swf and FlashMX swf, same results.

Any ideas


[size=1]Sorry for bad compression - mspaint.[/size]

This one is frustrating. I’m trying to export a bitmap to .EPS 3.0 format from Flash 8 Professional. I’m running an Intel PM 800 Mhz w/512 megs RAM and about 1.5 Gigs in virtual memory. The physical memory will be doubled in about 5 days. I have 2 bitmap logos @ about 800k each. Each graphic is contained in it’s own .fla and inserted on a layerby themselves. After running a ‘trace bitmap’ on one of them and successfully exporting to an .EPS file of about 6 megs, the program bit the dust so to speak. When I went to do the same thing to the other logo, the trace worked but when I went to export the .EPS file, the filesize topped out at 245K and it is corrupted and unreadable to other programs. When trying to export a second time, Flash 8 bombs out and closes. It now does this consistently even after completely reinstalling Studio 8.

Just for kicks I drew one ellipse by itself and successfully exported it to .EPS no problem. I’m guessing it’s either a resource issue with my system or a Flash 8 issue exporting large vector graphics. With deadlines quickly creeping up on me, this one is driving me NUTS. I got halfway there and hit a brick wall!