Macromedia site rip!

Someone showed me their “new site” and i just had to laugh when i saw it. They changed the colours on the menue but i think that it still qualitfies as a rip.

CRAP! I love my landrover! I cant believe we make a rip! WHY LANDROVER! WHYYYYY!!!

haha. yeah, definitely still qualifies as a rip.

BerkoWitz this is just a fan site, not Land Rover themselves :wink:

yes I know but still land rover, Im a land rover freak :stuck_out_tongue: and they made a rip :frowning:

This looks like it was created with dreamweaver, using a page design(css)…could be wrong but i don’t think it should be classified as a rip. Its a page template.

this is a total rip…

your buggin man, that’s a rip… how could you say it’s not :lol:? Don’t make me break out photoshop and throw in comparison shots :slight_smile:

Yeah it looks like a rip from here…

It is deffinatly a rip! Even if it is that DW template - he still ripped it, those templates are there for edu. use not commercial :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

lmao, that’s awesome!

no templates in DW for that rip…I checked…lol. What a moron to rip a well known site like that

lol - wow, that is SO a rip :nat:

Its really a rip…too sad…


Is it just me or have rippers simply gotten too lazy? :stuck_out_tongue: All some do know is copy/paste and maybe change some logos and text.

yeah, back in my day we just copied all the code from their source and then put in crappy buttons and graphics from some completely different site to make it look less similar… oh that’s what I still do…

Did anyone notice the “Spotlight” featuring some “Name: Cole Campbell”…sounds familiar somehow…

Lol, I thought the same thing but then I remebered that it was Colin and not Cole.

And the fact that the Cole guy looks 10 years older than Colin. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol…lazy ripper. That just sounds funny.