Made this in 3 hours for friend's clan

I made this in 3 hours for a freinds clan… (this counts all the editing of the back image which looked way different. Its of freewebs for one reason my freind knows nothing about flash html or anything. So its routed dynamically from a text file and i dont know what hes done its been there sence last night).

Note: I am looking for a FTP host… i have WS_ftp pro so all i need is a pass, username, and address. (i would like the address
Tell me what you think, its basic but thats what he wanted (and time).

looks good, I would center it and ditch the gradients. Once again it’s hard to pull off true blue. i would pick some other shade of blue, and change the font color! yellow doesn’t go well with it!

Other wise, it’s great for 3hrs!


ya uhh ya sould of said ive already started other parts of the site like the screenshots section… also has to load out side… hey did you like the back ground.

note: i have to use yellow and blue… sadly if you played planetside thats the color of units and later im going to incorperate the units picture with a description of the unit so i have to make it blend witht he site.
Thanks for helping… (too bad i cant change it). and its centered i just know wrote the code for the page’s alignment… lol not much to it… k

oh ok… ur sound thing doesn’t work also. I’m sure there is a better way to use yellow and blue. Mabey a different font? and it’s still not centerd

just for kicks, I wiped up this in photoshop. It’s very planet side themed.

I love your animated bg! Mabey a mix of the 2? try having some bg around the site.

Keep up the good work!

New Conglomerate but nice try… i have a html version of the site… it looks the exact same as the flash version. nice setup though.

I would recommend turning up the fps to about 30 or so to make the rain in the bg fall smoothly. Also, the copyright 2004 text in the corner is horrendous. Please choose another font and make it less blurry. Rollover on the buttons would be a nice addition. Keep pounding ideas into this one and it will turn out nicely.