My flash site

check it out , let me know what you think.

Didn’t you already plug this site? Here and the “Cool Sites” forums?

im not sure… iz forgot

But didn’t you see your previous post. It’s right there, not pushed too far down from the top and really recent.

looks cheesy… its got a nice idea… but the whole mechanical flash thing has been done over and over and over again and it ALWAYS looks the same… blue and white metal with a gradient in between… use a 3d program or download some pics from REAL sources and try to use them as textures. the flat shaded, TRYING to be semi-realistic look makes me spew. nothing personal… its got potential. nice button that says under construction… looks raytraced. keep working on it… throw in some shadows… and maybe some calmer animations… and it will look real nice… but it also depends on what its purpose is and intended audience.