Mail form ( I know, but this one's different )


I have one of the most asked questions for you guys. How can I create a mail form in Flash ? I know, it’s been asked a million times before but this one’s different. You see the server I’m on has UNIX servers, and don’t support anything. Real crap, not even PHP, AS, CGI, … nothing.

So now what do I do to create a mail form without PHP, AS, Perl, CGI, … ? I have no idea at all, all those forms use PHP.

Well then you can’t do it. You need either CGI, ASP, or PHP to be able to create a mail form. Sorry.

I know this probably isn’t much help, but change web host. Most web hosts today should support [U]some[/U] kind of server-side scripting.

Yeah I believe actually supports PHP and it is a free host.

I would recommend switching hosts if you have no support for any server-side language.

njs: Please embed the font in your footer, im getting like an 8 px times new roman… its bad…lol.

Yeah, but I don’t wanna change host :-\ The one I have now supports FTP upload and 50MB space, and those r things I really can’t miss :-\

As for the footer: could you please send me a screenshot, 'cause it’s a graphic, no actual text is in it. I’m about to change it soon anyway. Here’s how it looks like to me

The font problem was directed to njs12345 (I used njs for short).

I just checked out

50MB space
FTP Support
PHP/mySQL Support

You can check out what you get here…

About my footer… yeah i noticed that. I’m gonna fix it soon anyway.

Thanks for telling me tho.

Voetsjoaba: I believe there is a way using LoadVars/Loadmovie and System.secury.allowDomain to run scripts on another domain… so you could run the script off lycos… you could try looking into that.

Oooh, I thought the footer comment was ment for me, sry :slight_smile:

By the way, I found a great free host giving 200MB away with PHP support, yaaaay :beam: If I can combine that with what njs told me, it just might work :beam: Now let’s see if it has FTP support :beam: By the way, the host is

njs: I believe Flash considers loading information off of another server a security risk and does not allow the retreival of data off of another server. I know there is a way around this, but I believe you must have full control over the actual server itself to be able to do it, I could be wrong though.

And there is no such thing as that I know of.

Heres a list of all the system properties Flash can get/do…

It’s a method, not a property:here
actually, I’m not sure whether that would work.

anyway, here is a TechNote that documents ways around that problem

hey lost, =)

as a side note…

there are three properties more in the System.capabilities object: input, serverString and isDebugger. :wink:

njs: Thanks for that link =)

Kax: Those are things I did not know. Do you have links so I can read up on these (if they are in the AS reference at macromedia just tell me and I will check that out later since I have that saved in my favorites so I don’t need a link), I would search myself, but I can’t be on long so I can’t do that now.

nope, you won’t find them in as reference. :-\

i think there’s something about those properties at colin moock’s site, i’m not sure.
if not, run a search on google, surely you’ll find something. :slight_smile:

and if someone can explain it… i guess that person would be senocular. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or you :stuck_out_tongue: hehehe

me!? :stunned:

… i can’t even explain why the sky is blue!! :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL… yeah uh huh… suuuuure!!! Any reason not to share your knowledge right Kax :wink: :wink:

nah… i’d love to, but i just can’t. :frowning:
i was born to throw snippets of code here and there… :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL… ok… you keep telling yourself that :wink:

I used to not be able to explain things, and I still have a lot of trouble, but i’m slowly getting better since i’ve been helping out here.