Major newbie question

I already made a very simple fla with one graphic symbol and two layers; each layer has a shape tween.

well… can I make a saved .fla into a movie clip? each time I “select all” and convert it, I lose something …the tween, or part of the graphic, etc.

this can’t be as hard as I’m making it!!! do I need to begin again as a symbol? :o

select all the frames in your tween, the right click and hit Copy Frames. Hit CTRL+F8 (or go to Insert/New Symbol) then paste your frames inside the movie clip symbol.

Drag your movieclip from the library onto the stage where you want it (on a new layer). If this works you can delete your original tween.

Hope this helps!

thanks so much. that, of course, works perfectly… I guess I had to have a leg up even to do that. I appreciate it.

Glad to be of service! :slight_smile: