Newbie Alert: Need help with Motion Tween

Alright here is the deal:

I’m trying to create a banner while still following tutorials so I don’t know what to do with this problem I have :\

Here is Flash MX .fla file:

On Frame 112, I have this “Slime” (Half a circle character with eyes) and this Slime is a Symbol now. And on the Frame 112, I have a keyframe with the Slime outside the work area. What I want to do is to create a motion tween where on frame 130, that slime will be on the work area and moved to the left most area of the banner. There is a keyframe on frame 130, and in that Frame, the Slime is at the Left most area of the banner. Now when I create a Motion Tween, a broken line appears. This is what is puzzling me. I have some 8 other slimes that are on different layers and I want to motion tween them aswell but those appear broken too when tweening. I would appreciate it if someone could look at the .fla source and tell me what the problem is or if someone can just tell me the problem by reading the description provided.

If you have 2 different symbols on the same keyframe, it’s hard to get them do what you want unless they are grouped. Select the keyframe on 112 and hit CTRL-G (or APPLE-G for Mac), do the same for 130. Then put a tween in. Or put them on separate layer.

Thanks for reply, and is there anyway to change size of a symbol? like I mean once it is a graphic symbol is there anyway to resize it but not by using numbers in properties?

haha, wow that was a stupid question that I asked :stuck_out_tongue: Use the Free Transform tool duh! such a noob here. :slight_smile:

Just grab a corner, hold down shift(assuming you don’t want to change proportion) and drag. Be careful though, If you want to change just the symbol where it is, you need to make sure are not inside of it. If you double click and go inside of it and change anything, it will change ALL instances of that symbol in your movie and library. Hope that was clear.

Oh yeah, click the free transform tool first…lol