Making a forum

how do you make a forum?? i have a really good idea for a web page but it’s based on forums. and i don’t know how to make a forum. say for example, i register a domain name and get a host. can i use that and just make a forum myself or does it require more? a like to a tutorial would be awesome, or for that matter, any help would be awesome. thx in advance

This thread should give you an idea.

You would need PHP support and a MySQL database for sure. Setting up forums is not that hard, in fact, it’s easy as pie. I’ve done it a million times, so it won’t be that hard :stuck_out_tongue:

cool, thanks guys

another question… how much does all this cost??

it depends on what you want to use. is a free messageboard

so is costs money, but then you have to have a server that supports them (which could cost anywhere from 3-25 a mnoth…)

oh ok, i was hoping it wouldn’t be too expensive. thanks again