hi everyone,
i dunno if this is a stupid question… but… ok…
how do i put up a forum for a website im designing.??


Well you can have one if you are on a server that has a mySQL database, but if you aren’t then there is another way. You can create a messageboard(forum) at and link to that through your site. A lot of fan sites use this to create messageboards.

Hey denivri,
Yeah, ezboard is good for starting out with a forum. The current forums were located on ezboard for about a year before I decided to switch the cooler features of vbulletin. Btw, if you are considering taking the vBulletin route, you can get an inexpensive $19 a month ASP solution with vBulletin preconfigured at: They are pretty good and their service has improved considerably in the past few months!

Kirupa :pirate:

you could try

its very easy and its free also
a great deal

seems like both of them are really good deals…

by the way…
i was just wondering… what does SQL stand for?

heheh thanks

GREAT QUESTION! And yes, it does have an answer. The SQL in mySQL stands for Structured Query Language.

for the phpbb bboard it says that it requires…
A SQL database system, one of:
-MySQL (3.22 or higher)
-PostgreSQL 7.0.3 or higher (preferably 7.1.x or 7.2.x)
-MS SQL Server (7 or 2000) directly or via ODBC
-MS Access (2000 or XP) via ODBC

and on the hosting compannies website. it says it provides…
-Microsoft Access Databases
-Microsoft SQL Server 2000 (at extra cost)

so i was wondering… do i need to buy the one with the extra cost? or will ODBC/DSNs alone work? i think it does… but i just want to make sure… im new with all this … so if anyone could help me i would be greatful!!


Yes, you need to get the one with extra cost. (unfortunately)