Making backgrounds

How do you make your own background image? All I want it a gray background with the word “Bucs” on it. And I want it to be wallpapered, not just centered. Any suggestions?

so you want it to repeat bucs over and over again?

I have two programs that I use. Painter 6, and photoshop 6. I have not yet found a feature in Photoshop that will do patterning, but it may be there. Painter will allow you to “define” a pattern, offsetting it so that you can mesh the seams and make something repeat. I’ve found this to be very useful for backgrounds because I can make an image that is only 20-40 pixels. As such, it keeps the file size down. Since the seams can be edited easily to match up to each other, the repeated pattern looks good.

Yes there is one in Photoshop, Upu. You draw something, select it and then choose ‘Use as a motif’ (I can’t remember where it’s located but it’s there). Then you can fill you screen with whatever you want. I’ll check that if you want.

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