Making Everything a link

I have created a simple flash animation to act as a banner ad for a site i am designing. I need a way to make it so that the entire animation is a link. IE i can click anywhere on it any any time and it will link to another page. I dont particularly care if it is done using an anchor tag in html or if it is done throught flash. I tried surrounding the embed tag with an anchor tag but that didnt work. If anyone has any idea please let me know.

Easiest thing on earth:
put an invisible button (just a shape in the hit state) same size as your stage on the top layer, add your getUrl to the button on (release) and you’re done.
If you use MX, you can disable the hand showing all the time using “useHandCursor = false;” …or something like that, not sure the syntax is correct…

When i try to make a shape with no fill and no line it ignores it. It acts as if it isnt there and i cant click anything to add an action. Is there a specific way to make an invisable button?

a shape with no fill and no stroke is not possible (a shape is either fill or stroke, or both)…

try making a rectangle without stroke. hit f8, make a button. double click on the button, move the rectangle to the 4th frame (hit state).

Voila, an invisible button… :nerd:


Did exactly lik eyou said and now i have a button that is in hit only so you cant see it (ie. invisible) but i cant add any actions to it as it doesnt have anything in the up over or down states. All the possible actions are grayed out when i try to add one in the button editor

thanks again for the help.


you have a button with only a hit state,


place that button on the stage. Click once on that button (it should be a transparent aqua blue where the hit state is active. If it’s not, you haven’t done the invisible button right), then put the actions on the button…


works great thanks alot both of you

glad to help…