Making Flash AutoStretch

Hi there flashers, I want to make my flash movie with dimensions of 800px by 350px to autostrecth across the whole width but still retain the height of 350ph like the one on AnovaDesign

They are probebly setting the flash movie inside a table in html. and then the table’s left and right auto stretch to keep the flash movie centered.

You can open their page and do a “View/Source” to see how they set up that table.

oops… I’m wrong. Serves me right for not looking first.

They just have it published at 800 by 400 or whatever it is. If you shrink down a window which contains a flash player, it will shrink the player down to scale.

If you look at that one, it is not retaining the height. That scales down too. It’s just very long so it’s scaling is slower.

yeah, ive veiwed the source and the width of the movie is 100% and the height is 350px, but what was the original width? i viewd the swf by itself in IE6 and it doesnt look that wide, but with the html it looks really wide and my resolution is 1280x1024, i cant make sense of it

I don’t think that this is anything complex. Just do what they did with the embed code. On the width place 100%. On the height, place whatever height the movie is published with. Then you’re just creating a really long movie at that point.

I have done this very thing for a friend’s record label site.

The thing is, as I said, Size doesn’t really matter in flash most of the time. You can make your file 400x175 in Flash, then set the object size in the HTML 800x350 and it would still look the same same as if you had made it 800x350 in the first place.

Basically this means you just need to decide your proportions (2.28:1 in this case) and then finalise in the HTML. You can even stretch it to 17x3786 if you wanted to. Of course it would look crap, but it would technically work.

If you look at the site you will see that I have made two different launch pages, 1024x768 and 800x600. While a bit clunky (Auto display res detection would be better) it nicely illustrates the point. Both pages call the same .swf file, but set the height to a different value to get the correct proportions.

Hope this clears it up.

and width 100% is deffinitely the way to go. I put the object in a 95% height single cell table (0 border, pad and spacing) to get centralisation and avoid scroll bars (which you get at 100% height)