Making my Navigation a Movie Clip PROBLEM

I am making a slide show type Flash File. Basically it will go through a timeline going from Scene to Scene telling a story.
But if the viewer wants to go back to a section they can click on the Navigation on the left to jump forward/back to a specific scene.
If they do not, the Flash show will play from beginning to end.

I chose to put all my navigation buttons in a Movie Clip so I could have it ONCE and if I needed to make changes I could do so and they would change (updated) across each scene (I would not have to change the navigation on each scene - doing the work once)
Kind of like a Library Item in Dreamweaver.

But I can not get the navigation to work using “go to and play”

I was told to use:
on (release) {
code for nav button “A”

on (release) {
code for nav button “B”

and so on, and so on.

But this does not seem to work for me either.
Nothing happens when the buttons are hit in the movie clip that holds them.

What am I doing wrong?