Marvel Civil War & Planet Hulk

Any fellow comic geeks out there following the Marvel Civil war? For those who dont know the Marvel superheros are facing off. Ironman is leading a group of heros who have agreed to reveal their secret identies and register under the government(this includes Spider-Man). Captin America has gone underground to fight the new bill that has been passed by congress. Any hero caught using their abilities or fighting crime without registering is considered a criminal.

At the begining of the story this is all brought up because of the severe damgae the hulk has been causing. No one can control or fight him off so the heros trick Bruce Banner into a space satlite and send him into a black hole. He lands on a planet where he is no longer the strongest and is forced to fight gladiator style.

Next summer a title call “World War Hulk” is going to be released. Many think The Hulk will eventually gain an army from Planet Hulk and return to earth for revenge.