1997 making a comeback?

Behold …

:flushed: :grimacing:

Was there a trend memo I missed?

Interesting. I do approve, however it’s missing a visitor counter, no dead links, and there appears to be no obnoxious music or sound coming from the browser.

Other than that I’m quite impressed

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Hi captain marvel. Would you like to join my web ring?


I would like to subscribe to this website so that I may receive an email stating I have to forward it to 10 people or I will die a horrible death


Wow! That site brings back memories. Though, it can never be as good as this:

Old memories hits you hard

For anyone that wants to make their own

Finished product


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I love Strong Bad, those were all so hilarious.

Make sure you have the right technology to make those websites. :wink:


I was at someone’s house recently that had an older couple in the other room who share a computer to go online, like it’s 1990s aol in that room.

The out of nowhere I heard strongbad videos coming from their computer.

Maybe they got a virus and were searching how to deal with it?

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