Mask with draw layout outside

here goes one more…how do they do it?
basically this is a mask and i can do it; but what puzzles me is how they draw the film translucid…and the inside circle too…
Can someone explain it to me, pls?
thanks in advance

i made something similar one time ago, here is a tip, there should be 2 pictures, the blurred one should be the background, and the normal one would be the mask, and u just set the mask to follow _xmouse, something like:

onClipEvent (enterFrame)
	mask_mc._x = _xmouse;

i gonna search for the file in my pc now!


here u go!

Kirupa also has a tutorial on that, written by Montoya

oh sorry, didnt see that one!

It’s cool, I don’t know if that works for Flash 5 or if it is just for MX, so your example may help.

[edit]I found out that tutorial is for Flash MX, and I believe scripted masks like that can only be done in Flash MX[/edit]