Masking imported movie

I have been trying and trying, i just can’t suss it, please would someone help.

I need to click on a button to load an external movieclip into an empty clip that is in my main movie.
I can get the clip to load ok but my movie clips are often odd sizes and i need to mask the imported movie just showing the actual movies size, howcani do this? iu have tried masking the empty clip, then the imported clip, nothing worked??

is there a way of making the mask the same size as the imported movie?


Paul UK

maybe you can get the width and height of the loaded movie, and then set the mask’s width and height to that. BTW, welcome to the forums.

this might help :

Thanks for that, that looks like what i need to learn.

by the way, heres my silly website with some flash animated stuff if you are interested, its only basic but i’m a novice.

thanks again

Paul the Brilliant
3rd Earl of Royston