Hi guys,

I’m creating a news bulletin… !! try to explain: say my main background is “red”, ok I hit the rectangle tool to create a black box in the middle of movie. OK, now I want to insert text in that black box. Once I insert the text, I want it to scroll up but once it reaches the top of the black box, I dont want the text to be visible on the red background how am I able to do this?

I heard “masking” is the route for me but I cant find no good tute for it. Can some one plz help?

Thank You

ps I know I sound desperate but I’ve been on this for two days now…:frowning:

thx, but instead of having to scroll the text, I like for it to be able to move on its own at a continuess pace. Any ideas?

ohhh ok i understand what you mean
I’m sorry, I don’t know how to do this, but I’ll search for a tutorial for ya

if we’re talking about the same thing than yesterday, you could use a function to scroll the TextField automatically, no masking involved. =)

// prototype
TextField.prototype.autoScroll = function(ms) {
	aScroll = function(field) {
		field.scroll == field.maxscroll ? field.scroll=1 : field.scroll++;
	this.field = this;
	this.interval = setInterval(aScroll, ms, this.field);
// usage

unfortunately, i can’t test it at this moment so i don’t know if it works. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just searched on google for like 10 minutes(long time in my mind) and then u just whip that uup:*(

sorry… :-\

would you do me a favor a test the script, please? :beam:

how do i go about testing it?
I’m not entirely sure what to do, but ill give it a shot

I set up a static text field, and then named it myTextField and nothing happened, am I supposed do anything else?
I also tried it with a dynamic text field, but it didnt work either

thx alot for the help guys…man ive been on this for two days now…uurrgghh I did get advuce just create text, create new layer, place a box over the text and then mask and when i inserted action to the text no luk i dont even see the text… !!

kax i cant get it to work, donno what to name my stff

op masks are tricky!


oh! well… i’ll go get my laptop and test it. :-\

thanks for trying mdipi and 28… i’ll fix it and attach and example fla. :wink:

heres an example well was he must had took the text out to update but guys might get the picture on where im shooting at

once ure at the main index, look to ure right and you will see “Latest News” within that box he had text scrolling up, like a news bulletin… !! that might show you what im shooting for, i wish he had the news scrolling though but check it out… !!

ps I think there should be a main tute on this…:slight_smile:

ok… it actually works. =)

i think i got it now but what about the two layers? 1 for box other for text? and there was no masking envolved? thx alot kax

huh… not even close to what i did, i get it sorta tho

here is something i tried, i learned about masks with it just now. pull it apart. as is its a lot like wat you want. you will see how it does not come in at the top yet farther down…

wowx didnt think it would be like that…cool!


  • optimus
    yes… no masking, just a dynamic TextField and the script.
    and it’s up to you if you use different layers (but yeah… i’d use one layer for the TextField and another one for the box). :wink:

  • xxviii
    sorry if i confused you… :-\

  • mdipi
    thanks. :beam: