Master Smoke

Awesome… was that done by hand or was it done to an image?

It is me with some horns I bought for a holloween costume. Then I did a “glowing edges” filter, and some “smuging”/“bluring”. Other than a few touches of red here and there that’s about all.

Thanks for the comps

OH… your pretty evil :evil: :stuck_out_tongue:

I need to start working in Photoshop and make stuff to put up here.

Scary… :x

Finally he drops his mask…

roflmao… you got me eyez

great idea, heh

awesome fx

thanks edwin… that’s saying a lot coming from you. (not that I don’t value all of your opinions guys.:slight_smile: )

Completely understood that Edwins opinion is worth more. Edwin is just way great at this stuff.