Matchbook Romance: Voices

I figured I was kinda over my generic pop-punk crap phase, but hey, I can relapse if I want. I’d put Matchbook Romance in the same category as say, Brand New, in that they started out generic and pop-punky but really focused on developing a sound.

I think this album sounds a lot like what it would sounds like if Radiohead released a pop-punk (that’s the last time I’ll say pop-punk, minus that time, I promise). Although it’s pretty obvious that there’s some behind the scenes make our music sound better stuff going on it’s still my guilty pleasure of the moment. Monsters is a ■■■■ good song, honestly. Lyrically the band’s kind of lacking, but sound-wise they’re progressing, and I appreciate that.

Yep, worth a listen. It’s nice when a band you went through high school with (not physically, obviously) matures musically as your listening habits mature a bit.