Matrix Movie Effects

hey guys, i just say matrix2 and x2, i was wondering what programs they use to make all that video editing movie stuff, like before that movie and stuff? i’m sure it takes a long time to make, just kinda curios how they do it.
does anyone know?

they use flash.

You wanna make stuff like that too? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: LOL thor! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

nah, i don’y even wanna try making that stuff, never be that good, but really? they use flash?

lol do you know what flash is and what can be done wif it?

nah, they don’t use flash. I’m willing to bet they use in-house stuff. Made by the company that produces the matrix, and used only for the matrix.

haha yeah

lol I can already imagine them sitting and typing, making all those 3d slowmotion effects and those 3d models wif actionscript!

ye, most of it is their own stuff. e.g. the scene on the rooftop in the first film where they sweep round Keanu? They had god knows how many cameras placed around the green-screen stage in a sprial shape, and they all take shots and then the video directors can play with the ordering, speed etc. afaik, most the of the really impressive stuff was a combination of wires and their camera setups, then I guess they just use some compositing program to fill in the background…

I think… :wink:

houdini, photoshop, Maya, flame, combustion, shake. and various inhouse programs taylor made for them.

In the special fieatures in the first one they show how they did some of the stuff but then dont’ really mention the PC apps used.

I would say Maya

I know Maya is being used for TONS of movies these days (Spiderman abnd stuff)

companies that worked on M2(and 3) were Sony Pictures Imageworks, Animal Logic, Tippett Studio, BUF Compagnie, and Giant Killer Robots…

it has to be home-made proggies, although i know the first one used at least houdini…
and probably with softimage|xsi…

check siggraph too, they must have info…

I don’t know about The Matrix, but I know that some of the Star Wars episode I & II effects were done in Maya. I even think Jar Jar is a Maya creation.

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I even think Jar Jar is a Maya creation.
In which case, Maya can burn in HELL! :bad:


vts31 nailed it

A GERMAN Company’s program was used to make realistic light effects: :slight_smile:

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**vts31 nailed it **
/me nails Jar Jar Binks… to the floor :bad:

Jar Jar surely sucks big time.