:: Maya PLE contest ::

Hey all , just got a email from alias, they are running a contest for Maya Personal Learning edition users.

They have built a character and you are suppose to animate him. You can win a copy of Maya Complete, dvd learning tools and a HP Workstation.:!:

Check out the flash site.

:::: New link Below::::

Some really nice content as well, make sure you check out Gallery. check out the swf movies, “oultine” and “shading” …Awesome stuff…:!:

and at the bottom of the site click on how to, to see how they have set up the character rig and what is available to you.

thought i would keep you guys/girls in the know.


wow, you know i would enter this… but 1) i dont have maya and 2) i dont know how to use it :frowning:

good luck to anyone who does enter though, looks like a good contest. I wish i had the time to learn maya, 3d is on my list of things to learn, but the list is incredibly long, so it may be a few years before i get around to it.

Maya PLE is free… I think you can download it from the Alias website.

yes you can. PLE stands for Personal Learning Edition. It’s free. The whole point of the competition is to promote PLE. you might as well download it and have a play around.