MC Timeline stops on its own


I’m having trouble with nested clips. I use a panning effect (just a tween) on images in a website. Those images are movie clips nested within other clips. Now, it seems my stop action on the holder clip stops child clip timeline aswell.

Now, when i do a quick test with a fresh file no such thing happens. Anyone with an idea as to why that may be. I’d love to post my fla but it’r rather heavy.

I realise it’s difficult to find the problem without actually seeing the fla, i´m just hoping maybe someone had a similar problem in the past.

Also, this project takes a ridiculous time to publish. I mean, 2-3 minutes. WFT? The only thing that comes to my mind is that i’ve imported bitmap images directly from photoshop (copy/paste). Anyone with an sugestion?


Ok, i figured it out. Turns out, i stored my panned bitmaps inside “graphic” elements, not “movie clip” and those will only play when parent timeline is playing (it seems).

Second question is still valid:

Why the heck does it take 3minutes to publish this sucker??!?

I’ve only had this problem before with illustrator .eps files. Made the mistake of cutting/pasting via the clip board. Bloated Swf files are the result.

Better to save everything to disk and use file>import >import to library. Its more tedious, but keeps the file size down. Then you need to swap out your old files for the new ones (best to do the whole process one a time if there are loads of them, saves confusion.)

Your publishing time will drop only when you’ve swapped them all. Keep 'Use Count updated" in the library truned on. After you’ve finished, delete any bitmaps with a zero next to them, otherwise your FLA will be just as bloated. Best Save and Compact when done, gets rid of any lingering crud from your FLA file and compresses things wonderfully. When all the Bmp’s are swapped, publish your file, you should see a monsterous difference in performance.


Grand, that’s what i imagined. Your confirmation is what i needed to sit in front of the screen for a cople hours changing the images.