MDM Unveil new 2005 Software Line up!

[u]Multidmedia Limited (MDM)[/u] are very proud to announce their all new 2005 Software Line Up! Here at MDM we have worked hard over the past 2 years to develop and evolve our range of software, and establish ourselves at the forefront of 3rd Party Developers for Macromedia Flash®. In that time, we have led the way in Flash Projector Development with our Flagship Title, Flash Studio PRO, our Flash Active Desktop Creator, FlashCandy and Screen Capture Utility, FlashCast. With the release of these titles, we have expanded the Flash Eco-System far beyond the browser and opned up new doors for Flash Designers and Developers around the globe.

Not content with sitting back and waiting for other companies to catch up with the standards now defined by MDM, we’re committed to pushing the envelope even further. Following the principles of Greek Philosopher, Heraclitus, MDM truly believe that “There is nothing permanent except change”. For this reason, MDM have been working hard to rebrand our Products and elevate them to a unique level which others can only aspire to. Introducing the MDM 2005 Product Line Up: ZINC™ V2, GLOW™ V2, CAPTURE™ & MDM STUDIO™ V2.

“We bringing about a new energy to both our company and our products with this change” said MDM Managing Director, Jas Sohal, “We have worked to embrace every possibility and opportunity and we want to demonstrate our commitment and belief in our products to our customers, both old and new.”

Mr. Sohal went on to state “This is more than just a rebranding, we have worked hard to ensure MDM Software remain at the forefront of Powerful, Flexible and Rock Solid 3rd Party Titles for Macromedia Flash. Each product has undergone a surgical technical inspection with bugs removed, issues resolved amd new features implimented.”

All currently registered users of Flash Studio PRO v2, FlashCandy v2 and FlashCast are entitled to completely free upgrades, respectively, to Zinc™ v2, Glow™ v2 and Capture™.

You can learn more about their products here: [u][/u]

MDM Managing Director Jas Sohal is also slated to speak at the Flashforward Conference: [u]Flashforward Speaker Bios[/u]

Fair Disclosure:
MDM is an advertiser on the site.