Stupid stupid question?

Ok well I’m new to this stuff so just hit me with a large wooden spoon if this is such a stupid question… :frowning:

Ok, Macromedia Studio MX 6.0… Is this flash??

It doesn’t have the word flash in it, so it confused me :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone know? Everyone know? Heh :thumb:

  • Soul :s:

yes. it’s got dreamweaver and fireworks also

Cool :beam:

Thank you Pinx :love:

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The MM Studio MX Plus is a package of various MM softwares like Flash, DreamWeaver, FireWorks, FreeHand, ColdFusion, Contribute and DevNet.

I believe that the regular MM Studio comes without the last two softwares.

goes and buys it :beam:

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yeah that is a silly question… hehe

How was I supposed to know?? :stuck_out_tongue:

At least you didn’t hit me with my spoon :thumb:

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some people…

It’s good, get it. :beam:

The Studio one I have has Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Freehand, Contribute and ColdFusion on it. :slight_smile:

its macromedia… of course its good… stop stating the obvious kit… hehe only kidding

Welcome to Mastermind, contestant Kitiara, specialised subject the bloody obvious. :beam:

that’s not such a stupid question. I believe that I was confused by that when it came out as well.

or maybe it was that I was looking for Flash 6.0, when MX came out and I didn’t know that MX was 6.0.

either way… we all have some brain freezes now and again.

Yay david :beam: Thanks :thumb:

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