Me again,buttons actions showing through movies

Hi again,
i am in the process of creating a cd of my students work,creating a projector using “loadmovie’” but am running into trouble
with their menu pages being loaded as level 0
and their other movies loaded at level 1.
even thou you cant see their menu page the mouse actions are still there and work through their level one movie.
Im sorry if i have confused you ,
i hope someone can help

That’s odd… I didn’t think that any action script would be effective on buttons in a lower level which was covered by the upper level.

There is only one solution. Place the buttons you want to have “inactive” inside a movie clip. Give that movie clip an instance name, and then control it with a script like this


the visible property, set to false, disables all hit spots and all play heads it is related to. So all of your buttons should be inactive when visible is set to false.


as my students are starting to get near completion
of their projects they are starting to test my knowledge of
Flash.Its good to know there is help out there :slight_smile:
thanks again

I dare say i will be back :slight_smile:


Glad to know that I can help out a teacher. It gives me hope in my idea to teach Flash at the local schools. Not sure if I can do that or not yet… but I’m working at it. (would look great on my resume. :wink: )