Men's Humour

mmmm killing…sounds fun. does it involve bondage Kit?


Forget all about that.

Hehe funny stuff :beam: I agree with the hair one :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Soul :s:

ok, ok! im sorry.

(please put the whip down, you are scaring me ) :frowning:

Doh… Lava, you’ve got a lot to answer for. :slight_smile:

haha… kit’s got a rep now…

Yikes! =0)

I like the list, pretty much sums it up.


I could not have said it better myself.

BTW…I am a beer guzzling maniac…but I think I need the 4-4-2 formation explained to me. Must be a brit thing.

It’s football…

A line up of 4 defenders, 4 midfield and 2 strikers… :sure:

Come on, I’m a bird and I know that. :slight_smile:

I’m a fan of 3 4 4 myself


Crazy britts…

No, not soccer, it’s FOOTBALL. Because we use our feet when we play it to kick the ball. :beam:

You don’t need an explanation of offside as well, do you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha ha…no

I actually played <b>[SIZE=4]SOCCER[/SIZE]</b> for a few years back in the day. I understand offsides…

But its still soccer.

Nope. We invented it and I play it too, so it’s football. :slight_smile:


Whatever you want sweetie…:slight_smile:

Good, we’re agreed then. :beam:

it’s football. soccer is the stupidest word ever. i could never understand it.

LOL!!! u just discovered a mans soul

*Originally posted by Kitiara *
You don’t need an explanation of offside as well, do you? **

:stuck_out_tongue: i didn’t know it was such a cardinal sin to not know about soccer… lol

It is if you live anywhere but the US.

Soccer is about as popular as televised pro quilting.