Message for the mods!

Hey moderator guys and girl,

Well I’m not sure if everyone will like this idea or not but I am at work and I was kind of just searching the forum a little and I was looking at that ‘Forum Leaders’ link at the bottom of the forum that I just found and was looking through the list of mods there and I as I read the names I thought of a master plan. Well I figured this…look at the skills are mods have:

<b>Phil:</b> <i>html, flash, and mini-chenney’s.</i>
<b>ilyaslamasse:</b> <i>great scripter and very creative in all his work.</i>
<b>eyezberg:</b> <i>backend flasher with databases and dynamic syntax like PHP.</i>
<b>RenaissanceGirl:</b> <i>awsome flash, coolest drawings and graphics, and very creative designer all around.</i>
<b>thoriphes:</b> <i>the mini-sbeener when it comes to scripting, great flasher, and has always been my flash blood brother.</i>
<b>david:</b> <i>great scripter, 3D-design, and makes some ■■■■ good looking pancakes.</i>
<b>sbeener:</b> <i>einstien of anything thats hard for normal people, a great creative flasher, high knowledge of backend languages.</i>
<b>vts31:</b> <i>I’ve known him for as long as I know as a great inspiration in animation and graphic design, the only thing else I have to say is to get his autograph before he gets to famous and cocky :P.</i>
<b>dan4885(me):</b> <i>I have no skill but I do a ■■■■ good job at faking some cool skills, I am good with photoshop, 3d max, php, html, and of course flash…yup those are what I am good at faking skills with.</i>
<b>(And of course the main man)kirupa:</b> <i>What can I say, you have made the coolest tutorial site to ever content flash and have a great forum with support</i>

And of course I don’t have enough time and finger strength to list the skills all of the forum leaders have, they are all great as designers and as inspiring people of the real world.

Well here is the main proposition I am here to claim, to corporate all of these skills into one and form an inspiration group with a site designed by all of us. I don’t want it to be a business site, I want it to be a site made for showing that we design to have fun and inspire and not to just make money. I could pay for a domain and I know of some really cheap hosting companies through my dad and I’m sure after a while we could even get sponsored for free hosting. I am willing to pay for hosting also but I wouldn’t at all mind anyone chipping in a dollar or two.

And yet again I may have just wasted my time typing all of this because it might be a completely stupid idea to begin with but I am think these skills together could raise up some great inspiration and maybe bring even more traffic to kirupa. Even if its not a complete site maybe just a trailer or intro for kirupa’s site, I am sure one of you may have an even better idea and I think we could really make this work and if not its completely fine with me.

Thanks for taking the time to read and reply back with all your 2 cents!

ummmm, yea…i guess it did seem like a stupid idea

  1. i love you dan <3
  2. with world famous clients and a presonal site in the works ima be busy.
  3. ■■■■ it id drop everything and help out with this in a second.
  4. all of you have influenced me deeply and i am happy to be a member of the flash community.
  5. long live KIRUPA! yyaaaay!

-e.nd trans.m.tion.-

This is not a bad idea at all! What should we make the site about?

Sounds intreiging (yeah, don’t let me do the word processing. :slight_smile: )

sounds interesting…I’ll try to scrounge up some time for that :slight_smile:

how many times did we go through this, dan? “let’s make a site!” :slight_smile: hopefully with a bigger group we can actually get a ball rollin.
before we do, however, let’s get a tab on whose gonna be able to work:

i definitely will be.





ilyaslamasse: great scripter and very creative in all his work.
How can I say no ??

Seriously, I think that this is the most excellent idea I’ve seen on this forum. Except for Phil’s ideas of course. I’m totally in.

pom :asian: <- werd

Haha, nice name. Nice avatar phil :slight_smile: The animated Taz suits you perfectly :slight_smile:

KirupaWhoStillCan’tGetICQWorking :pirate:

We should parody something… some group… maybe Lord of the Rings. We could be “Fellowship of the Flash” and we could paste our heads onto the LOTR characters’ bodies! <— heheh edwin remember when we almost got that one!

I like the idea, even though it’s a bit painful to read and write. is good too, would be great, but I think it’s taken already, and sounds pretty well.

Why not make a poll out of this ? Let’s select our best choices, and then we can decide. And eventually we can decide exactly what we are going to do :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t wait to get started !!!

pom :asian:

how about…

that can work two ways:

Flash It!!!


FLA ■■■■

either way, it works!

[edit] muther…maybe i should check to see if the site isn’t available first… [/edit]

I still think is the best!

Haha, I seriously hope you are joking :slight_smile:

…only cause it turns him on

heheh actually u turn me on thoriphes, ok now I am just joking

kirupa…that domain name is an inside joke that me and edwin (vts) used to kid around with buying a long ass time ago!