Site Changes: Need Opinions

Hello everyone,
I need some help brainstorming for new ideas for this site. What would you guys be willing to see on this site? Instead of me deciding what to put up, etc., is there anything specific that my site should improve upon? Is there something that I am not covering adequately, etc.?

I really would like to know, because I am planning on modifying this site tremendously with new content, content, and content! If there is anything that is missing from my site that should be there or if something should be removed: layout, colors, content, etc., I’d really like to know :slight_smile:

I don’t mind receiving scathing, bitter comments lol.


Yo Kirupa,
I think your navigation should use Flash to nav. through your site! Show us off your GiNuWiNe Flash Masta Skillz! And I wouldn’t mind a page that has a featured flash site and flash designs reviewed once a week( something I would help with!).

I will think of more ideas but I don’t want to to clutter the mastmind kirupa’s brain with my ideas!

well a real nice featured site like dan mentioned would be very nice for inspiration and stuff. and what’s a flash site without flash? makes sense doesn’t it? well i know it takes a lot to make a completely flash site, but we’re here for ya! anyway, just a thought. it would also be nice if you could change the color scheme around, i mean it looks too “simple”.

anyway, i’ll post some more when i think of stuff.

Hey dan & thoriphes,
Thanks! That is exactly what I need. A site can be posted every week as a source of inspiration is a fantastic idea. I think I will go in an all-flash menus/navigation style. I have been kinda sidestepping that idea, but I guess it will work. Create textfields, loadvariables from server for text and links, update animation easily…

I’ll give this a shot. I can start immediately with the site of the week idea. Anybody have any ideas of an OUTSTANDING, WANT TO WATCH IT AGAIN type of site that I can use?


lol… u can see my idea i made so far… but it suks arse and its kinda large file size… but only u can see it =] not everyone… i am kinda embarassed about how bad it is.

icq me kirupa

the design is tight, but the flashing suks.

Mohoo, I don’t use ICQ. Why don’t you just post under Site Check. I’m sure no body will make fun of your design but, instead, give you valuable feedback. And the more people who see it the better!.

lol kirupa… mohoo? heh… **** =[

umm… well… its the fact that I myself dont even like it yet… and coming from movie quality 3d effects to lame as$ flash is kinda embarrassing.

there it is… its pretty weird…
i have no idea how to make the effect of the shadowing in flash so i had to import a png and its huge!

any help/input would be ok… NOTHING works yet but the forums, but please dont post it is for my clan.

umm… thats about it. i will check back tomorrow. thanks.

a really nice site is

i spent some time just playing with the “Enter site” button!

Hey thoriphes,
I saw that and the site is pretty awesome. I too could not stop viewing the random little shapes and lines that appear when the Enter button is hovered over! I’ll add more of these sites in the upcoming weeks. Dan gave me a huge listing of some more cool sites. I’ll improve the ‘site of the week’ by creating a little subsection where people can enter a URL for consideration, previous winners, etc. I hope to have that done by Monday.

Sounds good Kirupa! I know you won’t let us down!

thoriphes i will have to kick your ass later!!

if u want u can use my site…

Hey vts,
You are this week’s site of the week! I’ll also create a listing of many of you guys and your sites. I have been meaning to do that, but I have forgotten about that.


The Site Of The Week section for my site is up. And, of course, vts is this week’s site of the week. If anyone has any other sites to submit, post it in the Cool Sites for me to look at!!!

Thanks for this idea people: this really does improve the site.


I am Honored

Here’s jus some idea i thought up offhand when i wanted to go to a users site…

Maybe if someone has posted so many posts, they can have their site address put in like a “Flashers Corner” of ur site or something…that way instead of posting and asking for tha address, or looking thru posts for it, they can go there and get it…

Having someone post so many posts…keeps tha area from over crowding and stopping jus whoever to add 1 to it…

Hey r30buff,
That is a good idea. I shall do that. I’ll create a flasher’s corner and add the names of the people that post here a lot :slight_smile:


u lost me but kewl =]

All the previous ideas have been good, but I would like to see even more tutorials.

Hey Notepad2k,
Any tutorials you have in mind? If there is a specific tutorial or tutorials related to some topic that you want to see more about, I’ll try my best to put more up!


Tutorials on how to do complete stuff would be good.
Now there is like a tutorial for moving a box…
You could have a tutorial for making the cool kirupalogo at the top of the forum.

i.e. tutorials which will make “finished products”.