Message to the People of the west

[CENTER][CENTER]**[COLOR=black][FONT=‘Times New Roman’,‘serif’]In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Bestower of Mercy

To the coalition of crusading nations particularly and to the people of the West in general:

Peace be upon those who follow the guidance.

I am writing this letter to you as the world is full of great events and enormous disasters. I want to let you know our vision concerning this and also our vision concerning you so that you can determine your position accordingly. I want to let you know what we feel and how we think, what we want and what we aim for. I will put it in points to make it easy to understand:

Instead of correcting the heinous mistake of invading Iraq, getting out as you got in, and leaving the Iraqi people to manage their own affairs, your governments and armies have committed a great mistake by killing our sheikh, Abo-Mosaab al-Zarqawi – may Allah have mercy on his soul - this mistake we consider a war crime itself. Killing our leaders and great men will not weaken our forces and will not stop us until we achieve victory and kick you out of all the Muslim lands, humiliated and dishonored.

Ask your sons and your soldiers in the armies of the coalition of crusaders because they are the best to answer this question: what happens when one of our leaders is killed in the battlefield? I’m sure it would be difficult for you to ask them because of the long distance between you, so I will volunteer the answer:

The fall of any of our leaders means that a battalion takes his place and a battle named after him is launched. Your soldiers know the taste of such a battle because it has no taste except the taste of death. They also know the consequences of a battle against angry Muslim men in defense of their religion when taking revenge for the slaying of their leaders.

How do you think the revenge will be this time when we have lost our leader, Sheikh Abo Mosaab al-Zarqawi? Ask your soldiers how they feel. Ask them about the horror and fear they live in now as they await the wrath of the lions. You will see, but they won’t be able to see it. They won’t see it coming, because by that time the bombs and traps will be tearing them to pieces and destroying their morale.

Let me tell you, you were foolish when you agreed to follow Bush, Blair, and everyone who allied themselves with them, and it was even more foolish to rejoice at the death of Sheikh al-Zarqawi because you have made the whole of the Islamic nation angry with you now for killing one of its greatest men.
This anger will erupt like a volcano, burning each and every one of you. How many faithful sons of the Muslim nation are waiting anxiously to avenge the death of Sheikh Abo-Mosaab al-Zarqawi? You must keep this question in mind and think seriously about how to escape the dilemma your leaders have put you in. The beating, the killing, and the bombing will devestate both you and your relatives. But it will not harm Bush or Blair, because they leave you to face death alone.
Bush and Blair claim that security conditions have been made stricter to protect you from terrorists, but who can prevent someone seeking death from doing what he wants? Bush and Blair will remain safe because it is you who will pay the price. You must do your best to fix this situation. You must put things in their proper place so as not to pay the price twice; once by loosing your sons in a battle waged for the sake of war traders and oil companies, and a second time when you a forced to live in fear, and be killed when the wrath of Allah pours down on you at the hands of the lions of Tawhid and Jihad.

I suggest some practical solutions for you to clarify the situation, so that you won’t find any excuse and so that each one of you will be responsible for the consequences of his decisions.

I sincerely invite you to believe in Islam, abandon the trinity and worship of the cross, and follow the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and all his family and companions. This will ensure your safety and guarantee security for you in your lands as the Muslims are all brothers in faith. You can achieve this by reading more books that talk about Islam and explain it, or by asking the Muslims who live nearby.


Pressure your governments to accept the truce offered by Shaykh Osama in order to give us the chance to rebuild our countries which you have destroyed. Although it is the leaders of the USA and Britain who have refused this truce, it is you who will pay the price as we mentioned before. It is not acceptable that your soldiers kill our fathers and sons and violate our honor, while you live in safety. Therefore, the best thing would be to accept the truce and force your governments to accept it.


If you refuse the two previous solutions, we say - seeking to be excused before Allah and so that you cannot claim that you did not receive the warning - we say here what our Shaykh Osama - may Allah protect him - has said, “The days will not pass until we take revenge as on the 11th of September or worse”. We add to this, saying, as in Madrid and London, that the answer is what you will witness, not what you will hear of. So prepare the shrouds, dig your tombs, and cry for your souls which will end up in the Hellfire -Allah willing- at the hands of the lions of Tawhid and Jihad.


You should know that your soldiers do not kill combatants; they kill innocent civilians. Your governments and their organizations that pretend to be humanitarian blockade the poor people and intend to weaken the Islamic nation with war. Our case is therefore just and devoid of oppression; as long as the killing of civilians goes on, we will continue to kill you. As long as your governments intervene in our personal affairs and try to tamper with our Islam, we will not stop intervening in your affairs and we will not stop killing you. The West has proved that it knows only the language of bullets and bombs – that is what it takes to make you understand who we are and what we want.
So wait for the battle taking revenge for the martyr of the Muslim nation, Sheikh Abo-Mosaab, and know that I have been honest in the words I have said to you. I hope these words will be understood by your men of wisdom.

Written by:
The Servant of Jihad and the Mujahideen
Saqr al-Jihad Alefriqi (The African Falcon of the Jihad[/FONT][/COLOR]**[COLOR=black][FONT=‘Verdana’,‘sans-serif’][/FONT][/COLOR][/CENTER][/CENTER]
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