Messing Around With PS

Just messing around with blending modes and such. If you would like the .PSD I’m sure I could post it up. It could be a learning experience for some of you. It was for me.:smiley:

Well I guess I’ll stop rambling and show you it:

That’s pretty cool, is all of the orange stuff brushed? And how did you figure out how to get it to look like that? Was it just trial and error?

If you look at the battle between me and graphicslash my entry has that fire. Which I drew. I took that rotated it 50 billion times and then just messed with blending modes and blures. So yea…trail and error.

12 MB…holy!!! lol…thanks Dj :wink:

Np. Took me forever to upload lol.

Makes me appreciate it even more!! thanks

I love it :love: The photo itself is a great start, and with your blending is believable to be the real lighting from a late afternoon sunset.

What host are you on? pretty slow…you need a new one? :wink:

If you can find me one that still gives me 800mb storage and 40gb transfer and tons of extras all for 7.95mth. Then yea show me the site and I’ll check it out.


GJ DJ! :smiley:

Thank you guys! I’m glad I can please ya with my graphics. I wish I was better. Wait I am…:smiley: J/k

that’s a lot of spec for $8/mo, but given the speed it’s not even worth it IMO. Let me know if you want to move over to my servers, I’ll hook you up. Our service is excellent and extremely reliable. I can’t match the space and bandwidth, but what do you really need all that for anyway?

OK, hijacking over :smiley:

ha-ha-ha very funny… j/k :wink: I´m still a PS newbie, I´m going to download ur psd, thanks :slight_smile:

I hope it helps you out buddeh! Remember it’s just a blending modes experimentation.:wink:

Hey UNFLUX how much is it goin to cost me? I’m alittle broke at the moment.:confused:

You can just PM me the prices. Need to know how much to save up :wink: