///metroid website///

did anybody enter the metroid prime website competition for nintendo? i did - ill put the site i designed onto my webspace tommorrow to show you lot!


ps. i hope i win - and get the life size samus aran model!

dude that would be so sick to have (and if you dont win just pay off the guy who did, i would say a few bucks should do…)

did you see the metroid prime site that was on macromedia as a site of the day? It isnt the north american one - It’s the europe one and it’s one of the best sites i have ever seen.

yeah ive seen it man! it rocks!!!
check back tommorow for mine sure!

yeah i didnt like the NA one…

hey everybody!
this is the site i created for the metroid fan site competition!

mariofans metroid site

tell us what you think people! (sureshot - hope you like it!)


Its very cool :slight_smile:

Mario kicks ***…nintendo are the best :slight_smile:

cheers alu!

*Originally posted by Alucard_X *
**Its very cool :slight_smile:

Mario kicks ***…nintendo are the best :slight_smile: **

arrrrrrrrrghhhhh i just cant picture that actually beign true rotflmao

mariofan the site is great i know this isnt site chekc but put a name on the splash page it sez untitled document you dont want to be disqualified for that stupidity now, second try putting a scroller on the history it wontttt stooopppp and im trying to read and i cant lolother than that i think you have all the possibilities to win bro good job and good luck :beam: although Nintendo sucks IMHO rotflmao

Mario - that site is amazing. Great job - I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into it. Very good. Better than some of the nintendo game sites I have seen :slight_smile: Excellent work.

Grim - it always seems like you are trying to start something… just the way you say things, try and be more positive would you?

grim - thanks for the input but ive allready sent them the site (i cant beleive i forgot to title the splash…doh)

sureshot - cheers mate, im glad you always spot and appreciate the work i do - cheers again

oh, and nintendo does rock! yeah yeah yeah!

i did say it was my opinion but the site rocks just make sure you check those 2 things i mentioned

dude fix it they still might havent seen the site yet :wink:

but it had to be in for the 4th! doh, doh, doh - i still cant belive i missed a title…
Grim, from now on i shall personally pm you with everysite i do! (if you dont mind) … lol

d00d amazing!

cheeeeeers mdipi!


WOW mario, that site you made is incredible! if you dont win, i cant imagine anything better! your sections and everything look very well planned out and excecuted. g’luck!

cheers hojo! but if you like mine you should check out the official europe site…

DA*MN - MARIO !!! … that is some great stuff you got there … :!:

How long you spend on that ???

…and now that you mention it - what’s the link for that official Europe site ?

d00d i know, i can’t think of anybody ('cept Eric Jordan and crew, or Shane and crew from FI) who had done a better job. if you dont get this, lemme at them!