Michael Jackson – The King of Pop that Had Been Misunderstood So Much

We have never seen a real king, Michael Jackson lives up to the name of King in our time on this world. He had no arms but a microphone, no army but followers; he had never tried to conquer with violence but the whole world turn out to be his garden. He is familiar with the whole planet. He unified the world with pop music, and no one denies it. He boasts the records selling record of 750 million as long as today and no body disagrees that he will never been exceeded in the future.
Numerous persecution and scandals entangled the king when he is alive, especially during the last time of his life. Looking back on his entire life, we are sharply hit that how great musician he is. He is filled with innovation and enthusiasm, he made breakthrough time and time again and bring brand new pop music to audience. The sum of excitement and surprises might exceed that of all the music in his time.
He contributed so much to revolutionize the presentation and connotation of pop music and he lives up the name of “The King of Pop”. This is no compliment at all. He deserves it because his capability of self-surpass and grasp the essence of pop music and create fresh things time and time again and fascinating music work piece and lead us to a world of wonder. We always expect much from him and we can always get satisfied.

He was accused unfairly and all those accusation might just because his talents. He had show his rage: I have tired of the feeling of being manipulated. This oppression is real! They are lying, the history book is littered with lies. You have to know, all the pop music, from jazz to rock to hip-hop, and then to the dance, are created by black people! But they are pushed to the corner where the history books! You never saw a black man appear on the cover of it, you would only see Elvis Presley, to see the Rolling Stones. Who are the real can be a pioneer in this?
Now we know he is the pioneer of Pop music but the pioneer died with so many stories left untold. We can only seek the answer from his music. That’s legacy that we can never afford to squander. Centuries later, we would like to hear people talking about legendary Michael Jackson and admire him as The King of Pop when we are in heaven together with Michael. How can we do this? The answer is his music and we, as his followers, are responsible to keep Michael Jackson’s music and treasure his solos for future appreciation.
And we wish that he can wander leisurely as well as tranquilly in the paradise. He don’t need to moon walk in the heaven without gravitation. He should enjoy a paradise of music. He is no longer lost child and he is godson of music. And he had been borne for music, for pop music. He should have a counterpart kingdom in heaven because of his innovation and gift.