Michael Jackson - What do you think?

Gifted musician or child molesting freak,maybe even both

What do you think?

Latest from the trial

gifted singing and dancing freak.

I always thought he was weird (who didn’t) but now I think he is sick. The evidence is just gonna pile up and barring an amazing job by his lawyers, Jacko’s going behind bars…where he belongs.

he loves boys bottoms

i heard from the radio he has a barby collection:) and he draws pubec hairs on them. LOL:P

Love his music - But dont like him - i think hes a freak to be honest - as popular as michale is i think that if he didnt make his skin white from bleach or what eva it was then i reckon he would be more poplular!!!

But like i said Love His MUSIC – LETS ALL DANCEE Yeeeeeeeeeeeeee

No doubt he is a very talented musician. I don’t think anybody can deny that. He just took a few too many wrong choices that he is paying for right now :slight_smile:

i think he’s a freak :sigh:

he is obviously ashamed of his cultural background, which is rediculous, and i also think he’s a perv. no reason to sleep in the same bed with children who aren’t your family.

hes always been talented and a love for music but what I dont understand why is he went under going surgery in the first place. Whats wrong with having is original nose and being black? Does he think we’re racist or something? All this crap from the media and child molestering has taken a toll for him and has brainwashed what he wants to do. Seriously, if he stayed how is was and still today, who wouldnt want to interview him?

whatever happens,i’m his biggest fan!!!

i am a talented programmer. but i made some wrong choices too (like answering this tread)

everybody makes wrong choices everybody makes right choices. no point crucifying anybody.

amid MY wrong choices, I haven’t considered yet being a child molestor…

The Best Music – But He Is A Freak

Talented musician with good moves, probably a very cool guy until he went into making himself up and this whole childhood thing. now, he looks like a freak.

well i like much of his older work…

does stardom actually mess up peoples heads? its like most celebrities go crazy after a certain amount of time! :lol:

I think that he had no chance of ever being normal because of his fame early on in childhood - that kinda thing messes with peoples minds.

oh righhttt! there was that special on VH1 or something about how all these child stars became totally messed up growing up after their shows got cancelled…gary coleman is a prime example of that! :lol:

This guy has no boundaries, honestly who thinks the allegations aren’t true? You have a guy that changed his face, then denies it. He makes his kids wear masks when they are in public, dangles them off a balcony! I’m surprised the children protection organisations haven’t visited him.

Hes definatley odd, and he looks like a freak.

Harsh but true.

he p****s me off sometimes…

The infamous Bashir documentary showed him taking his kids to the zoo cause he wanted them to have “a normal life” as he said.

So why are the kids and him wearing masks and surronded by press. The kids were crying as reporters pushed and shoved to take photos. Bashir ended up grabbing one of the kids before he was crushed by the press.

Why couldn’t the nanny have taken them. No need for masks, press…just 2 kids at the zoo with their nanny.

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