Microsoft 2003 Server - Windows XP?

[CENTER][COLOR=Red][SIZE=4]This is not a Windows 2003 **vs **Windows XP thread.

[/SIZE][/COLOR][LEFT]Ok… As people know im into the whole roaming user thing :wink: but this might be the first achual useful topic i make!

So. i just got Microsoft Windows 2003 froom my fathers work, And i wanted to know if The 2003 Server is compatible with XP? like domain prefrences and the log on menu were you select a domain you wish to connect to…

The Server (for testing a laptop) will be using 2003 Server Edition SP1,
The Client (for all purposes) will be using XP Pro Edition SP2,

[SIZE=3][COLOR=YellowGreen]Defenitions -[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[COLOR=YellowGreen]**SP - Service Pack


uh, what do you mean compatible? As in they will talk to each other? Of course… all Windows family products will…

2003 is still very much supported by Microsoft so everything should work flawlessly between the two. If you find something thats not compatible i will be shocked… and then link you to the patch.

O.K. thank you! If any thing isn’t compatible between the two i shall tell you ! I will also list the hardware and software incompatibility :wink:

If they client is got XP pro then it will connect fine, if it just XP home, it will only join to a work group and not a domain, there are many more differences, however this are the most impacting ones at my work.

Regarding Server 2003 on the laptop, is it beefy enough ? I like windows 2003 its nice and efficient.

Can you please inform me of what the whole thing you are trying to achieve is, because I dont know what you have done so far or would like to achieve.

At the moment, I am trying to create various things so could help each other understand more ?



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I am trying to create a roaming user profiles server… Which on my VMWare i found out how to create a domain in “Manage Your Server” so I am sure enough that it will work.

And my laptop… It should be O.K! I have used Fadora, Ubuntu, 98, ME, 2000 XP on it so I should get it going

Ok so i found the results of the Requirements of 2003 Server

Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition
Component Requirement

Computer and processor - 1GB Intel P3 (tick)

PC with a 133-MHz processor required; 550-MHz or faster processor recommended (Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition supports up to four processors on one server)

Memory - 128MB (low but tick)

128 MB of RAM required; 256 MB or more recommended; 4 GB maximum

Hard disk - 10GB (low but tick)

1.25 to 2 GB of available hard-disk space


CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive - CD Rom (tick)

Display - What is redirection [email protected]?

VGA or hardware that supports console redirection required; Super VGA supporting 800 x 600 or higher-resolution monitor recommended

And it doesn’t work

What it does:

When it has finished loading at the loading part screen it goes blank and back to the start…


Yes, 5 times.


don’t know, Do you know why?

I dont know why it does that, so everything was installed fine ?

Did your setup go through ok ? formatted and everything ?

Soz need some information :slight_smile:

Yea, Everything installed fine…, I deleted the partition and formated it then installed the new partition the Operating System does work because it has been tested on VMWare…

A Video of it not working… There is a long pause at the black screen :expressionless:

[COLOR=YellowGreen]**Video -
Size: 3.96Mb
Duriation: 1 Min & 1 Sec
Name: Not Working!!!
File to Open with: Winamp

The requested URL /PCstuff/notworking!!!.ASF was not found on this server.

Should work in 2 mins,

I just plugged my CRT into my laptop and when it went to the black screen on my laptop i looked at the CRT and it was the “Blue Screen Of Death”

How odd…

Heres another movie clip of the CRT this time

[COLOR=YellowGreen]Video -
Size: 2.18Mb
Duriation: 27 Sec
Name: Feelin’ Blue
File to Open with: Winamp & WMP