Microsoft XP SP2 Security changes to flash

Yo :hurt:

Microsoft are enforcing xp service pack two in a month and there are some bad *** changes that will effect flash and web dev.

eg. you will no longer be able to launch a pop up from flash and there is no work around!!

Active x controls will be blocked in cases, like “A web site navigated to a page that attempted to instantiate an AxtiveX Control”
Does this mean the flash object will no longer work on default settings??

Any one else know anything bout this.
Is it gunna mess up alot of the web on default installs?? :d:

I’m closing this thread, for this has been covered here also: and this isn’t exactly a topic for Ordered :stuck_out_tongue:

In short, blocking pop-ups is good. Not allowing rogue ActiveX controls to install without my permission is also good. Flash animations will always run well like they always have.

I’ve been using SP2 since RC1, and I don’t have any issues with it, but we can discuss it further in the above thread’s URL :slight_smile: