Might as well post this

i always forget i have an account on this site…

might as well post this, new work:


I like it, very conceptual and visually stunning. It has design written all over it.

The only bad thing is that it’s a bit slow, maybe bumping up a frame rate up a bit would help.

Also it would be nice to have the music loader be part of the layout instead of opening in a popup.

Other than those 2 things, everything else is good. =)

I like the tracks as well. =)

very nice… very stunned when the actual site was loading in.

but then it suddenly stopped… the visual appeal was still there but all the dynamic interactivity i’d expected just wasn’t there.
that’s a bit of a shame. this site has potential !

both comments are heard loud and clear, and the site like all sites of any great extent are always a “work in progess” and i hope to add a little more visual excitement as far as the loaded content goes.

the thought behind the music in another window is that; people can listen to the music as they browse, i.e. not just listen to it while looking at the defeat site.

the speed of the site was meant to transcend the theme of passion, etc… do you think it is drastically to slow? or does it just seem somewhat awkward?

thanks for the feedback. it is all apreciated. and im sure the band would apreciate you liking there music, i will be sure to forward your comments to them :slight_smile:

moderators: i believe i posted another identical thread by accident, feel free to delete, thanks!