Tell me if U like my sight

Site removed.

Ahh!! That’s very nice site! I like the intro, very simple and classy, I like the general design, even though it’s a bit too blue for me, I like the art… Great work. One strange thing: when I click on a button, the movie slows like hell. Anything you can do about it?

But it’s great, probably the best I’ve seen so far this week.

pom :asian:

This was very cool. I think it would be great as a CD-Rom presentation, more than a website, and the reason being because of the length of the intro animation and the amount of time it took for buttons and intro’s to load and be used…overall I thought the use of flash was very clean looking and hip. My only suggestion would have been to make a more “descriptive” passage in the “about us” part…

I haven’t noticed any slow speeds. Possibly because we have different micro processor speeds.

But I’ll try and improve on that.

Also I’ll try to make my paragraphs more interesting (to read).

Thanks for your reply guys

Hey Ziggwi,
Congratulations! You are this week’s Site of the Week. Your site is unique, and that’s cool! Here are the links for the graphics if you need them:

Kirupa :rambo:

Congrats Ziggwi!=)

It does slow down a bit for me too, but I got over it. Very nice art work and site design. It is simple and clean. Very 2-toned though, but that is ok.

The colour of the font are too light.
The intro is weak and there´s no skip intro button.
There isn´t nothing original at this site.

This site doesn´t value SOTW, at my opinion!

I didn’t see anything wrong with the color and intro. Sure maybe it was too single colored, but I didn’t mind it too much.

And you are right there <B><U><I>isn’t nothing</I></U></B> original at this site. (A double negative creates a positive in the English language).

Besides it was already chosen and it was already posted on the site a while back, so theres not much to change that now. Also you gotta consider any other sites that may have been submitted that week, this might have been the best of them all.

OK, sorry for my poor english, but you understood what I said. I cannot change the result of the contest, but I can show my opinion, or not?

You have every right to:)