Migraine Relief?

Hey all.

Some of you might know - others not - but I suffer from chronic migraines. I’ve been to doctor after doctor - specialist after specialist … they can’t really help me.

My father, however, suggested that I take a multivitamin each day. So I started taking one each day, preferably at the same time of day too, and I haven’t really had any headaches since.

I’ve had a few here and there, but that’s when this awesome medicine comes into play. If you’re using Imitrex, ask about switching to Maxalt MLT. It’s a tiny tablet that dissolves on your tounge. It’s way faster than Imitrex is, and it tastes like peppermint! :beam:

I tried relaxation techniques, wearing sunglasses inside, drastically changing my diet … and it didn’t help. This multivitamin idea and Maxalt have given me much relief. Perhaps some of you might find comfort in it as well.

Best wishes of good health to all of you for this new year