Mini Day!

I post this on another board i go to… just a little FYI: oakville is in southern area ontario canada… :slight_smile:

Ok, most probably dont know… but I love minis. I’m going to own one when I get a full time job… so lets just wait :slight_smile:

But I wanted to test drive one today, so I went and they were closed. But I took pictures with them. I dont know why I like them… they are just very slick and clean. Anyways… here we go:

This is BUDD’s BMW in oakville. for those who dont know, BMW owns MINI now, and BUDD runs all of these car stores… like land rover, volvo, bmw, mini & jaguar. this is the display window. you can see it from QEW (going towards Niagara Falls)

This is MY car :r0ck:. Black body, roof and black leather seats. I would also want tinted windows when I get mine. :slight_smile:

This is the enterior. Its VERY nice. I would want it like this, or just plain black. Thats my shirt you can see as the reflection. lol

This is the mini in the display. If I cant get black, this is my second choice.

This was on the roof of one of the cars. Its like the british flag they had in Austin Powers mini. And inside it was blue/black seats and maple leafs stuff

Thats the outside of BUDDS MINI. The car in parking spot 1 is a jaguar, and the far right is a BMW

This was right by the door. It says Italian Job because of the movie. They are running some sort of promotion. for more info :slight_smile:

The end.

those are bomb diggadee:)

haha fun stuff, I pass by the Budds everyday on my way to school and work (I live in burlington, go to school and work in oakville)

my little brothers current girlfriend has an own mini.
really great car - just a little expensive :wink:

Awwwwwww… I thought this thread was going to be about mini-things in general. Like a day where you’d wear a miniskirt (girls only I guess :P) and eat mini M&Ms and ride a minibike.

I don’t like Minis. :frowning: Although the Mini that was by the door has a very nice paint job. When I buy a car, I’ll probably get something very similar.

So all in all, this post was pretty meaningless, but I guess the moral of the day is “Don’t assume too much about thread titles because you’ll end up looking at the wrong kind of minis.” :stuck_out_tongue:

[size=1][color=silver]noone will bar you if you want to post some pictures in a miniskirt[/color][/size]

hmm, I guess I’ll stay with my good old VW Golf (maybe a VWPolo or Seat as a next car)

If there’s one car I want, it’s definitely the Honda Insight, but I’d settle for an [url=“”]M3 Cabriolet. :stuck_out_tongue: (I think I may have that backwards.)

[size=1][color=Silver]McGiver- Sorry man, I personally don’t own a miniskirt, as I have a strong aversion to skirts that are any shorter than ankle length. :)[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=silver]I’ll save the dictum that you could post pictures without a miniskirt as well for the next time[/color][/size]
Honda Insight? that car has the ugliest back I’ve aver seen at a car.

even the back of the smart for4 (which looks very cool from the front in my opinion) has a less ugly butt

I love the back of the Insight!! Eh, great minds don’t always think alike. :stuck_out_tongue: I used to walk by this guy’s house and stare at his Insight, and one day he came out and asked me if I was checking out its *** or something, it was hilarious.