Minimal HTML5 and CSS3 Site - version 2

Hi guys,

I previously posted about this site in the my minimal site thread and got some feedback which contributed towards the design.

This thread however is for the same site with a new look and it has now been coded in:


I would really appreciate any feedback.

The new site: [SIZE=“1”](the source code - to see it formatted and indented, just go to default.src.aspx - I have one lined’ it for PageSpeed/SEO)[/SIZE]

The old site:

[COLOR=“DimGray”]For those who are interested. The new site features, hgroup(), header(), footer(), section(), aside(), CSS3 shaddow(), jquery() on the “links” link on the homepage footer, there is some extensive use with nav() in the /cs/ are with more minimal semantic coding. The homepage features a transparent gif and png animation image which work in sync with a random ASP.NET function to load a different image for the background. There is some CSS3 sprites() and some heavy compression with GZIP too and the use of our two CDN networks for parallel downloading.[/COLOR]