Need some opinions

Hi I am a completely self taught web designer I design web pages locally in my hometown as a hobby but is hopefully growing into a business I have’nt designed that many web sites and I was wondering if anyone wanted to give there opinions of my supposed to be professional site

pretty nice page how’d you make those scrolling textboxes with the cool backgrounds?

I suggest you take a look at Kir’s tutorial about legible text, it is great. Other than that, it’s OK, but there isn’t much happening, is there ? And the colors are a little bit sad (my personal taste).

pom :asian:

needs more graphics and less text…my opinion.

Hey Cube,

Your site has a cool layout, it just has to be dressed up more. The color scheme doesn’t really match either. I am not sure if it was intentional, but your scrollbar uses css to color it on your main page, but none of your other pages use that.

Hey seattlejaguar,

The scrolling textboxes are simple iframes:) Well at least when you get used to them they are simple:P