Miss you guys and gals!

Just wanted to drop a small note.

Haven’t been by in a while but do at least read the banter now and then.

For those who don’t know I vonlunteered half days at my job and am pushing my own design/printing company. Things are actually going very well. This is the reason why I haven’t been able to stop by lately.

Hope all is well with everyone and spread the word if anyone needs graphic design, printing, or web design (I’ll leave the Flash to you experts). Actually, I hope to have a chance in the future to contract some of you if you’d be interested.

Make it a great day!

Go see “Signs” if you get a chance! Great film.

Hey Hey time!
Glad to see you are ok. There were several posts in a few threads wondering where you went :slight_smile: Good luck with your business! Volunteering is really great. I volunteer a few hours each day at a public building and it is really great! If I chance to find anybody who is looking for design or anything such as that, I’ll be sure to give them your address!

Kirupa :rambo:


and salutations… Glad to hear all is well.

I’ll keep your business in mind if I ever need to refer people.

Ah, all warm and fuzzy now. :stuck_out_tongue:

If anyone has some suggestions on site-submission I’m all ears. (Phil if you’re still interested, drop me a line.)

[email protected]

By the way, if you refer any business my way I’m offering a 10% referral fee of the TOTAL sales price to get things rolling.

Enough SPAM from me.