Missile Strike?

ok i’m working on another game now. it is basically like missile strike. i got the aimer and everything but i need help.

how do i make it so that when you fire a missile, it goes to the designated target?

so far, i got it to work so that when you fire the missile it goes towards the aimer, but if you move the aimer, it follows it.

O.k. i was thinking something through to make it work and it did, but i’m not sure if it’s the right way to do it.

Anyways, you make another movie clip and have the missile go towards the other movieclip and when you click to fire, the movie clip’s position is set to the position of the aimer, therefore the missile will go towards that position.

Does anyone know another way to do it? Just wondering…

how about just saving the target’s x and y coordinates in variables?

oooog why didn’t i think of that???:huh: