MOD Dark Xmas

Hello, this is a original illustration. He is supose to be my cartoon self portrait :crazy: with a touch of manga, i make it for a contest and i want to show it up here sow what ya all think? I made it in PS7.

Ooh, not bad, not bad at all ! I like it very much ! Great work there MOD1st ! =)

Very good indeed. :slight_smile:

Nice work mate, very nice, :slight_smile:

by the way, does MOD stand for anything in particular or is it just the term “modifing”?

That’s a really nice pic. Did you use a tablet?

png uhg :sure: :waits:

Thanks for the coments.
MOD are the initial of my name and no i make the cartoon in a sketch book and scan it, the background is made in the program.

I want a table.

are you Harry potters brother?


nice, i like the 3d effect and the depth :slight_smile:

Thanks men i can tell you how to make look 3D your painting if you want.

It looks great, I like the style a lot. The only thing that looks a bit off to me is the mouth, I don’t know why but it just doesn’t sit right… could be just me though. ::shrug::

looks to me like the back of a person and the head is turned the
wrong way! I know it’s not, but the arms’ postion makes me see
it that way.

I love the coloring and the shading. Excellent work all around,
but some of the persective on the figure is off a bit.