lol i know i havnt been on long but how would u become a mod?:trout:

How can I become a moderator?

To become a moderator, you must be helpful, courteous, and a positive influence on the forums. New moderators are invited by a full vote from existing moderators. Being a moderator is a great job, but it also carries a lot of responsibility - only the brave, the strong, and the fearless need apply =)

I remember somebody saying a while ago “You will never be asked to become a mod so if you do not tell ppl that you want to be one then you’ll never be a mod”

and somebody else said once “Asking permission to become a mod means that you just want power and to rule ppl so…”

So I think if I wanna be a mod I must not ask permission to become one and I will never be asked to become one soo… in coclusion I would say… “It’s impossible”

lol syko i said the same thing, but i could care less. its such a big job and we got a whole lot of htem. i eman if i was voted it then i wouldnt turn it down, but i donno, it would be diff.


Syko: The mods and Kirupa get together and decide if/when we need new mods. If we decide we need a new mod we put up our list of elected people from who we pick by keeping our eye on the forum members and seeing who are the best nominees.

Then we hold a poll where the mods vote on who should become mod. After the poll is complete the member is then asked if they wish to become mod. If they agree, they are modded, if they decline, they are not (of course).

This is all done in secret :evil:

Hope that clears it up.

The mods and Kirupa chose the next mod. If you are chosen, then you are asked and thats that. No one becomes a mod by asking. And most mods are either highly active members or highly loyal members…

or you could listen to lost… :sigh:

its really not diffrent, i am a mod and an admin at 3 other boards. nothing is really different, excpt that you can do things that other people cant. not a big deal. :slight_smile:

It cleared up alright but still someone said all these things! :stuck_out_tongue:

*Originally posted by Alex *
**its really not diffrent, i am a mod and an admin at 3 other boards. nothing is really different, excpt that you can do things that other people cant. not a big deal. :slight_smile: **
yeah, that’s true. being a mod really isn’t that special. i mean you have rights to certain things and all, but it’s really something you shouldn’t shoot for. i always like thinking of moderators as Agents in the Matrix (:)). we can go into anyone’s post and change them at will, we can delete people (ban them essentially), and moderators can dodge bullets…or not. with the number of moderators we already have, i think it’s going to be a long time before kirupa adds another moderator to the list.

I became a mod be sending each of the other mods at the time a check for $500 :slight_smile:

Something to think about. :wink:

[size=1](PS. mods, if you havent gotten your check yet, its in the mail)[/size]


I posted this response at the forum I administrate…

what is the criteria for being a mod?

Professor tenkai says: I cannot tell you exactly what makes a person a mod, but I can give you a few pointers.

  1. Suck up to all the admins.

  2. Spam other forums under the name of DEVIANTART-RULES!

  3. Eat lots of cornbread… it will make sense later.

  4. Do you have two hands?

  5. Quit smoking the pot. It may seem like all the cool people do it, but all the really cool people are just selling it to you to maintain their cool lifestyle.

  6. Or… start going your own weed. Whatever you do, don’t support terrorism by smoking that imported crap. You can tell if it comes in a real compacted form… um… yeah. We’ll get back to this later.

  7. Wait a minute… where was I?

  8. Selson Blue is a scam. No shampoo can really get rid of your dry, itchy scalp.

(0 Don’t pet the cat if you just met the cat. But if you’re sprung on the cat, you might as well eat the cat.

  1. Don’t post drunk. Then they’ll just make you admin.

tenkai: Now is a time to shamelessly self plug your forum. What forum do you administrate?

It’s a design forum that caters mostly to helping out new / young designers, yet there is quite a bit of talent hidden there. In the rough so to speak. There is alot of spamming that goes on in the general chat sections, but we try to keep it clean in the showcase area.

Probably not the kind of place for people that frequent Kirupa, but it’s home to me. We are planning a new release soon featuring a skin that I made a Flash header for. :smiley:

you cannot simply become a Mod. you must first understand the nature of Mods. You must then Moderate your Life to reflect that of a Mod, censor things that are unpure… If a Mod falls in a forum, will there be someone to notice his cenorship?

I Think we all know what im talking about!..
(Acutally im confused…)


LOL Tenkai… quite humurous…

since the topic is on moderators, Am i susposed to have “Admin Options” at the bottom of every thread? it doesnt do anything, but i was just wondering if it was a bug?

It is there for everyone, but only me and the other mods and kirupa can use it :wink:

oh cause i was confuesed on why that would be there. I just noticed it a couple of weeks ago. LOL im blind

LOL, yes… you are blind Alex :wink: hehehe :beam: