When can I become a Mod?

How do you get to be a Moderator around here? I spend close to 8 hours a day here reading posts and helping out where ever I can. I have nothing better to do when I’m at work so I have a lot of spare time. I try reading alomst every post that comes through because you never know when you might know the answer or learn something new. I hope someone can tell me what I need to do to become part of the Kirupa team:beam:

are you seriously waiting outside EB for GTAVC? why don’t you just reserve?

as for becoming mods…beeee gooooood…

Actual I have 2 copies on reserve. And no I’m just kidding about waiting out side EB. I’m so excited about the game I almost could just sit outside and wait for it though.:beam:

i know, me too
i keep looking at the calendar to see how many more days are left, and you know how it is when you’re real anxious about something, the time seems like forever.

Why do you want to be a mod? I’ve been here for almost a year, and I’m not a mod, don’t really want to be either. What would be the point? I used to spend almost 8 hours trying to help people, but lately I have been too busy to help people all the time. I have too much work to do. Also, I get fed up with the same questions being asked, over and over and over and over and over again. “Whats wrong with my preloader? LOAD MOVIE PROBLEMS!! HELP ME!! NEED HELP NOW!!” Whats the difference between being a mod and not? I don’t really understand the desire. I’m sorry.

I do feel your pain about GTA tho. I’m trading GTA3 and Silent Hill 2 in so I can get GTA VC for 9.99! That will rock!

I’m out. gotta work on my friends site some more…

Jubs :cowboy:

I was just wondering how long it took or if there where certain things that need acomplished thats all. No big rush to become one just wondering how it is done?

I couldn’t dare part with GTA 3 to make up for the cost of GTA:VC. Even though I’ll probably never play GTA 3 agin I’ve put to much time and work into it to give it up. Who knows wehn you might get the itch to play it again for old times sake:P :slight_smile:

if I ever get that itch, then I’ll just pay out 5 bucks and rent it. :slight_smile:

Its funny half of the threads I start lately have turned into GTA:VC threads. Glad to see other people are as excited as I am.=)

Hey sintax,
The place is already overflowing with mods. Usually, I pick the mods based solely on the number of posts the user has. I already made a promise to another poster, so I probably won’t be having a need for a mod anytime soon :frowning:

Kirupa :evil:

No big deal just wondering how they where chosen and what you would have to do to become one. Thanks for the info:)

I don’t think this place really needs much moderating. But I think you’re doing a great job replying to the posts. Helping with questions is always needed. I need to catch up on Flash myself… haven’t been helping much.

I just help where I can. It might not be the most advanced stuff but I can answer some of the simpler questions leaving the more experianced guys to tackle the big questions.

I usually hang around the drawing and design area…

Really? I didn’t notice El :stuck_out_tongue:

i showed up a year ago said hi then became a mod like a week later…then agian back then there was no one posting here. :slight_smile:

A year ago this forum was hosted on ezboard… It’s still there but it’s hard to view without being redirected to here.

I’ve been here… I dunno how long and I don’t wanna become a mod cuz then you’re too stuck in this thing.
Sometimes yeah feel like moving posts n’ stuff but… there are enough mods here already.

waiting for GTA too =)
btw the last mission in GTA III was so easy. I though that I was never gonna complete the last mission but then I completed it the first time I played that mission… :-\ =)

Hitman 2 : Silent assassin is omg how cool game!
I like the dead bodies that can be dragged anywhere and the hanging cloth that really acts like real cloth when you touch it!

The coolest games ever Hitman2 and GTA III
For some reason I think that Doom3 won’t run on my little computer.

Thanks for the kind words Phil. :slight_smile: There isn’t much more I can say to such a kind post:)

What Phil? I am a mod??? No way, man.

Hey everyone!!
Wow, phil, that was quite an eloquent post you wrote about “modhood” lol. Pom, you didn’t know you were a moderator? =) The full-listing of mods are: http://www.kirupaforum.com/showgroups.php?s= The place is surprisingly well-behaved, even with Phil running around…when we get more Phils around, we need all the mods we can get! :slight_smile:

Kirupa :ninja: