Modifying/Editing Web Site

Just bought FrontPage 2002.
Have a website created in Microsoft Publisher hosted on easyspace (FrontPage extensions).

How do I get my existing site into FrontPage so as to edit and add to on a regular basis ???

Bookj speaks of “new”, not much of anything on “existing”

Thanks for help…


Can’t you just go to File/Open and open your .html file in Frontpage?

I don’t use Frontpage, so I don’t know what the setup looks like, but it seems logical to just be able to do that. That is what Dreamweaver does.

I seem to be able to open my site (I believe I imported it).

However, it is not alterable (i.e, changing a telephone number, etc.)

Thanks for your reply; I’ll keep digging.

Fr. Jeff

Hello frjeff,
Have you considered accessing your site via your browser and then pressing the Edit button to edit your site. Try this:[list=1]
[]Go to your main page of your Web site using Internet Explorer
]Click the Edit button and make sure FrontPage is selected (if not click the arrow to its right and select FP)
[]You will be prompted for your username and password; enter them
]You should now be able to see your pages created in FrontPage
[*]Go to View | Folders and you’ll have an Explorer-like view of your server space

Tell me if that works.

Kirupa :rambo:


Thanks for your reply.

Your steps do open my main page (of the previously Microsoft Publisher created website).

However, I do not know how to then edit.

All I need to do for now is correct some telephone numvers, times, etc.

What am I not doing that won’t allow my entry of text, etc.


Fr. Jeff+